About us


We help creative talent to make income

Public Institution Telsiai arts incubator completed the project „Improving novice artists and arts-related business within the region Telsiai Award“.

Implementation of the project funded by Lithuania 2007 – 2013 years, the European Union (EU) funds under the Facility Assistant 2.

Arts Incubator GOALS:

mobilize various artists, including artists, groups and arts-related businesses (creative industry) developing the people in one space;
allow artists to create and deliver the audience his work;
help artists to start their own business;
facilitate the development of arts-related businesses;
intensify cooperation in the cultural life of society;
contribute to the conservation of cultural heritage.

Arts Incubator at lower than market price to small and medium-sized businesses, representatives of creative space for rent, computers, equipment and technologies on preferential terms.


Offices in the new building equipped penthouse with computers and software
Performing arts for the second-floor rooms: hall and rehearsal space (to establish a theater, dance school, organize a variety of events, etc.).
Clothing design for space with equipment (basic sewing machines, ironing generator Patterning development program dummies)
Jewelry center with equipment (polishing, blasting, rolling and so on. Equipment, enamelling places, fume hood, computerized engraving machine
Wood shop (with the major woodworking machines, chip removal system)
Metal workshop with equipment
Non-ferrous and precious metals casting equipment
Two galleries, furniture, exhibition systems, cabinets, storage facilities

All rented with furniture, internet access, electricity and heating accounts.

Our office is located at the museum st. 29, Manila (between museum „Alka, Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts Faculty Telsiai, Telsiai College has expanded its faculty and UAB Telsiai practice).